Chronic Knee Pain

knee pain

Advanced Health Solutions knee pain treatments in Fairhope or in Mobile may provide the relief you are looking for even if medications and injections have failed and/or you are facing the recommendation of knee replacement. A special focus of Dr. Lopez DC, outside of what is normally considered typical chiropractic care, is their treatment of chronic knee pain.

There are several innovative therapies and unique procedures that are utilized at AHS and the following is a brief description of some of the services that may be included in your personal Knee Pain Protocol following a detailed exam with one of the doctors.

Knee Pain Solutions Offered in Fairhope

  • Knee Decompression: So many people are familiar with spinal decompression that this powerful product has made a name for itself providing knee decompression. The Knee Trac system offers benefits for those suffering with chronic knee pain due to osteoarthritis, previous injury, failed surgery and more. Studies show that mechanical traction, which is what the Knee Trac performs, is more effective at decreasing pain and improving quality of life than ultrasound and exercise combined. For that reason alone, the Knee Trac is one of our patients’ favorites.
  • Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy: With chronic knee pain affecting the steps you take on a daily basis, improving quality of life is of utmost importance. Chronic pain in Fairhope is often perpetuated by abnormal, small nerve networks stuck in a rut of constant inflammation. PEMF stimulation (especially with high intensities) quiets down nerves and facilitates recovery from injury and inflammation. Even patients at Advanced Health Solutions suffering from stubborn or systemic sources of pain have found pain relief using magnetic therapies.
  • TRIGENICS® is a neuro-kinetic, sensorimotor assessment, treatment and training system which can instantly relieve pain and increase strength and movement. The complex procedures used in Trigenics® retrain the way the brain communicates its movement and/or pain signals with the muscles of the body. Although Trigenics protocols can be performed by the doctors for a number of symptoms and problems, the effectiveness in relieving knee pain is so consistent that if you don’t get results in the first 2 treatments, the doctors won’t accept your case!
  • Rebuilder: The ReBuilder is a highly sophisticated, prescription based at-home medical device that alleviates chronic pain with no side effects, and has a feedback mechanism to respond and adjust itself to your individual needs. We use the ReBuilder for chronic intractable pain. The additional benefits of better, local blood supply prevention of disuse muscle atrophy and increased range of motion make the Rebuilder a staple in our clinics. In addition, the ReBuilder has become the standard of care in hospitals and other healthcare clinics around the world!
  • Light Therapy: Infrared Therapy Systems are medical devices that are indicated to increase circulation and reduce pain, stiffness, and muscle spasm. Infrared Therapy Systems are used in a clinical setting by numerous health care professionals for improved patient outcomes. Patients looking for a non-invasive treatment alternative to drugs for pain and poor circulation can also receive the benefit of infrared and heat therapy treatment in the comfort of home with our effective and affordable home systems.
  • Regenerative Medicine: Regenerative medicine's goal is to stimulate the body's own repair mechanisms to functionally heal damaged tissues. Some of the treatment options available are PRP and allograft tissue injections.

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